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Computer Assisted Semen Analysis System utilizes modern computer and advanced image processing techniques for clinical test of sperm motility, quality and morphology. Based on the sperm test standards of the WHO 5th criteria, the system can analyze the characteristic of sperm motions comprehensively through image processing of sperms in their dynamic or morphological status. The system then analyzes these values and generates accurate parameters to reflect sperms’ quality. The whole procedure is fast and provides several important information that are vital to present scientific basis for the male reproductive ability.

Color Test System
Deformity of sperm can be investigated and analyzed by the system by using papanicolaon's vaginal smear staining technique. The system can make the analysis process and report printing more clearly in addition to audio-visual documentation. Also the system has provided with the necessary conditions to standardize the elevation of the product for morphological analysis.

Wide Scope of Sperm Density Test without the Need of Sample Dilution
With the aid of powerful software function; the system can analyze more than a thousand sperms in one visual field at the same time. Sperm sample with a density of 0-300 sperm/milliliter can be analyzed without dilution accurately, which facilitates (accelerates) the clinical examination greatly.

Creative Constant-Temperature Operation Desk
The operation desk makes provides a constant temperature of 37 during sperm testing during the whole test procedure. This in turn eliminates the influence of excessive low outside temperature on the tested sperm such as sperm velocity, sperm vitality etc.

Advanced Demarcating Function
The system can calibrate the magnifying rate automatically in order to ensure the consistency of the test result under different magnifying rates which improves the flexibility and adaptability of the tests of various magnifying rates.

Unique Virtual Grid Function
This function has realized the direct comparison of test results between human being and machine in the system. If you wish to use manual counting there is no need to buy an expensive calibrated counting chamber, it is all in your screen with the aid of virtual grid function

Strong Database Applying the Most Advanced Programming Language
The system can store a large quantity of patient records and image materials. This will provide detailed information for clinical research. Searching the database for specified cases has never been more easy and fast.

More Convenient Operation
Realizing the direct dialogue between human being and machine on the windows operation flat-top made it possible to avoid the over elaborate setting of parameters such the setting of various kinds of thresholds made the operation more convenient and easy even for rocky computer users.

Novel State of the Art Design
Patient now can see the motion of his own sperm directly through a monitor in the waiting room .The video can record and retain the dynamic image at any time with the aim of the analysis, diagnoses and the scientific research in the future.

Authoritative medical organization
1- Urological Surgery institute of Beijing Medical University
2- The Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University
3- Scientific and ethnological institute of State Birth Control Committee

Proof--scientific, practical,easy to be master
1- Good repeating ability of the system
2- Uniform test results for various for various magnifying powers
3- Accurate analysis results

The system can be used widely
1- Departments of Urology, Male, Sex, Gynecology(test tube babies)
2- Experimental Test in the hospitals of each level ,Maternal and Child Health Hospitals.
3- Reproductive Medical Research Organization, Units of every level in the system of Birth Control etc.