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Computer Assisted Semen Analysis System utilizes modern computer and advanced image processing techniques for clinical test of sperm motility, quality, morphology, vitality, DNA fragmentation, HOS and nuclear protein. Based on the sperm test standards of the WHO 5th criteria (2010), the system can analyze the characteristic of sperm comprehensively through image processing of sperms. The system analyzes these values and generates accurate parameters to reflect sperms’ quality. The whole procedure is fast and provides several important information that are vital to present scientific basis for the male reproductive ability.

The analysis is performed according to the recommendations given by The world health organization (WHO) for the latest 5th edition for motility patterns & Morphometric assessment of human semen.

The system performs the following analysis :
1- Motility

  • The method is designed to estimate the spermatozoa concentration and their motility in a native specimen.
  • Determining spermatozoa concentration in ( million/ml)
  • Measuring spermatozoa movement parameters and classify this movement to classes in accordance of WHO recommendations .
  • Measuring spermatozoa dynamic parameters (VCL / VSL / VAP / MAD / ALH / BCF / LIN / WOB / STR / DCL / DAP / DSL)
  • Ability to exclude round cells for more accurate calculated parameters and count.

2- Morphology

  • The method is designed to determine the morphological parameters of spermatozoa.
  • The software calculates the ( TZI/SDI/MAI) according to the latest criteria of the world health organization.
  • Two different method for analysis (Semi & Fully automatic detection)

3- Vitality

This test is important to determine if the non-motile spermatozoa are alive or dead.
It should be assessed if a low percentage of sperm are progressively motile, e.g., 30 - 40%.
The two most common methods of sperm vitality assessment:

  • Eosin-nigrosin staining.
  • The hypo-osmotic swelling test ( HOS).

4- DNA Fragmentation

This test provides a reliable analysis of sperm DNA integrity that may help to identify men who are at risk of
failing to initiate a healthy ongoing pregnancy. Information about sperm DNA integrity may help in the clinical
diagnosis, management and treatment of male infertility and may be of prognostic value in assessing outcome
of assisted conception treatment.

5- HOS

The hypo-osmotic swelling test is based on the semi-permeability of the intact cell membrane, which causes spermatozoa to “swell” under hypo-osmotic conditions.
All the curled tail sperm are labeled as ‘Live Sperm’. The damaged / broken sperm membrane, allows fluids to pass across the membrane without any accumulation & hence there is No Cytoplasmic Swelling & the tail remains straight (No Curling). All these sperm are labeled as the Dead sperm.

6- Nuclear Protein

The mature chromatin contains around 85% Protamine & 15% Histone, where as immature chromatin contains more than 15% Histone. Increased levels of persistent Histone in turn indicate a break in the development sequence of Histone – Transition Protein – Protamines, which significantly affect the DNA chain folding & vulnerability for increased DNA Fragmentation & this leads to decline in sperm fertilizing potential. Hence by evaluating Nucleoprotein assessment the diagnosis & prognosis of Male Infertility can be determined.

More features :
Creative Constant-Temperature Operation Desk
The operation desk makes provides a constant temperature of 37 during sperm testing during the whole test
procedure. This in turn eliminates the influence of excessive low outside temperature on the tested sperm such as sperm velocity, sperm vitality etc.

Unique Virtual Grid Function
This function has realized the direct comparison of test results between human being and machine in the
system. If you wish to use manual counting there is no need to buy an expensive calibrated counting chamber,
it is all in your screen with the aid of virtual grid function

The built-in database enable the user to store, backup and restore any kind Of obtained information .
The built-in database enable the user to generate historical report for any Patient.
The built-in database is capable of helping researcher by generating many Statistics reports.

Other Features of Spermolyzer software

  • Spermolyzer software is able to automatically add appropriate comments according to the patient results.
  • Spermolyzer software has the ability to generate accustom reports like Urine, Stool, CBC, Bone marrow and Biochemistry markers with any captured image using the system digital camera and microscope.
  • Spermolyzer software allows the user to record and print the manual test result of semen.
  • Highly customizable settings




Andrology lab will be most Easy and Practical….
With specially developed instruments & accessories for all sperm function tests considering their specific
functional and ergonomical needs. The instruments are developed considering in vivo temperature environment of the natural processes, Where ever needed which brings systematic approach and give quality test results.
Spermolyzer (Smart CASA system):

Spermolyzer is a computer assisted semen analysis System which utilizes modern computer and advanced image processing techniques for clinical test of sperm based on the standards of the WHO 5th strict criteria.

Spermolyzer Software support

* Motility.
* Morphology.
* DNA fragmentation.
* Vitality.
* HOS Test.
* Nuclear protein

Warmer for Semen specimen

Semen specimen warmer is a temperature control system which is ergonomically designed to give ease of work and specimen handling. The system has heater & sensor programmed to attain & maintain 37°C. It has very high accuracy with ± 0.20C.

Warmer for DNA fragmentation Test

DNA fragmentation test warmer is a dual temperature control system, designed to expose the agarose tubes at 70°C or at 37°C in separate blocks of instrument. The two blocks for two different temperatures can be used simultaneously.
You can thereby cut off the hassle included in conventional method and do the work in ease in just one instrument.
Also, Its ergonomics allows user to handle each tube without disturbing others.

Sperm Centrifuge 37°C


perm centrifuge machine designed to work at 37°C, that is same as the in-vivo temperature, to maintain the natural functionality of sperm.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum speed: 4000 RPM (with rotor 4x 15ml.)
  • Maximum RCF: 2,719 X g (with rotor 4x 15ml.)
  • Maximum sample volume: 60 ml.
  • Speed setting & display: Digital.
  • Speed accuracy :± 100RPM.