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    Minitechno Brochure Overview : Laboratory photometer with 32 μl flow through cell for End-point, Kinetics, Fixed time and multistandard tests. 200 methods stored. Internal Peltier element pre-adjusted at 25/30/37°C. Equipped with graphic...
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    EMP-168 Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Features
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    Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers up to 180 tests/hour. Capable of up to 180 tests per hour with ISE module on board, the Miura One is smart random access fully automated analyzer. The best choice for labs, doctor offices, clinics and...
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    Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer up to 420 tests / hour with ISE module on board. The New Miura 200 is the idea we have for a compact bench top random access fully automated analyzer with the performance of higher class instruments.
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    Miura is a random access fully automated analyser and is the right solution for all kinds of laboratories. Miura is a sophisticated yet user friendly solution.
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    Fully-automated Dedicated HbA1c System With extra Diabetes diagnostics capabilities
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