Daffodil MCX-100 LED (Microscopes)

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Product Code:Daffodil MCX-100 LED (Microscopes)

Daffodil MCX-100 LED (Microscopes)

Daffodil MCX-100 LED Brochure

Versatile life science microscope for advanced laboratory applications

Key Features

  • LED / Halogen illumination
  • ARCTYPE ergonomic tube
  • Quintuple nosepiece
  • Field iris for Koehler

Sophisticated and versatile life science microscope. Our Daffodil MCX100 offers premium features for a variety of applications in the fields of advanced laboratory work, gynaecology, dermatology, histology or pathology. The brilliant infinity corrected optical system with ICO² Plan objectives and the advanced energy saving LED illumination system or a bright Halogen illumination system create rich in contrast and crystal clear observation results. For the optimal illumination of the object and to get the best possible resolution for the image our Daffodil MCX100 offers a field iris to perform Koehler. The featured specimen stage is a rackless mechanical stage with or without glass plate. The missing rack eliminates injuries to the hand while observing. Daffodil MCX100 is the result of processing high-quality materials with great accuracy and the love for details.

Brilliant optical quality 2

The ICO² Plan Infinity corrected objective series ensures the highest image quality. The optical system is provided with Anti-Fungus treatment. All optical parts like eyepiece-, objective-, condenser- and prism lenses are made of LEAD free glass.

Illumination – Bright and clear is essential!
The collector system features a field iris to perform Koehler illumination.

The DAFFODIL MCX100 is equipped with a 6V/20W Halogen illumination. A special Quick Exchange System allows a swift replace of the Halogen light bulb by simply pulling the housing. After putting back it will be locked in place by a built-in magnet.

This model is also available with an energy saving LED illumination system. The economic and very long lasting LED provide a bright illumination which is very similar to daylight.

Specimen stages

Rackless mechanical stage 3

Daffodil MCX100 ECO version offers a rackless mechanical stage. The missing rack eliminates injuries to the hand. The stage controls are at a very low position to ensure an ergonomic and comfortable posture while operating.

Rackless mechanical glass stage

4The Daffodil MCX100 PLUS version offers another feature to the premium rackless mechanical stage. An exchangeable, ultra-hardened and frosted glass plate which is resistant against scratches and chemical fluids. The extra-safety glass and finish-machined edges guarantee save and aesthetic work.

Ergonomic observation tube

With an inclination of 30° the ARCTYPE observation tube allows the greatest possible relief of the neck musculature. With the possibility to set the eyepieces in two different positions, small and tall users can have an ergonomic posture for long working hours without getting tired. Adjustable interpupillary from 55-75 mm and diopter compensation can be individually adapted. Eyepieces are suitable for spectacle wearers