Petunia MCX50

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Petunia MCX50

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Binocular Routine Microscope with infinity plan optic


  • ADVANCED LED lighting system
  • Ergonomic ARCTYPE Tube
  • Infinity Plan Optic
  • Magnification 40x - 1000x
  • Eyepieces with Field Number 20
  • Quadruple reversed angle nosepiece


  • Microscope body
  • Sturdy base 203 x 145 mm, quadruple reversed angle nosepiece
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Infinity corrected optical system
  • Standard magnification range 40x - 1000x

Illumination System

Low position, coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control. Total focusing range 20 mm
Saftey autofocus stop unit, graduation reading 2 µ per division

Observation Tube
ARCTYPE ergonomic binocular head 30° inclined, 360° rotatable,
interpupillary distance 48-75 mm, diopter adjustment

Specimen Stage
Double layer specimen stage (143 x 133 mm) with right-handed mechanical stage,
moving range 75 x 30 mm

Abbé Condenser
Abbé Brightfield condenser with aperture iris, n.A. 1.25

Eyepiece (1 pair)
WF 10x/20 Widefield (Ø 23mm), suitable to spectacle wearers, no additional eyecups required

Infinity corrected Objectives
ICO² Plan 4/0.10, WD 23.5mm, CC -
ICO² Plan 10/0.25, WD 10.0 mm, CC 0.17
ICO² Plan 40/0.65, WD 0.54 mm, CC 0.17
ICO² Plan 100/1.25 oil, WD 0.13 mm, CC 0.17

Daylight mirror unit for outdoor use
Daylight filter included in collector

Additional accessories2
Eyepiece 16x/12

Eyepiece Micrometer
EW 10x/20 Widefield (fits eyepiece tube Ø 23mm), reticle with scale on crossline 0.1mm
The object micrometer is needed to calibrate the eyepiece micrometer
Object micrometer 1 mm divided into 100 units, 0.01 mm

EW 10x/20 Widefield (fits eyepiece tube Ø 23mm), with pointer

Aluminium Transport Case 3

Our reliable biological all-rounder Petunia MCX50 re-enters the market with a substantially upgraded optical system. The brilliant infinity Plan optic offers crystal clear images with incredible sharpness and contrast. Advanced and long life LED illumination system also comes into action in our Petunia MCX50.
With its premium features, high quality infinity optics, economic LED illumination system and excellent price/performance ratio our Petunia MCX50 is a highly competitive model in its class.

Optics and illumination system

Observing objects with incredible color and sharpness through the whole field of view. The infinity Plan corrected objectives create bright and clear images with convincing depth and contrast and set new standards for optics in this class.

Standard magnification range 4
40 - 1000x

ADVANCED LED lighting system
MICROS brand-new state of the art LED optical lighting system ensures a bright and homogenous illumination of the whole object while saving energy at the same time. With a lot less energy consumption and at the same time the much brighter intensity of the LED, this system is the future in premium quality LED lighting.

Ergonomic ARCTYPE tube
5To create a comfortable working position Petunia MCX50 offers as standard a binocular ARCTYPE tube. With the possibility to set the eyepieces in two different positions, small and tall users can have an ergonomic posture for long working hours without getting tired. With the interpupillary distance (48-75 mm) and the diopter adjustment the eyepieces easily fit to every user. Eyepieces are suitable to spectacle wearers without any need of additional eyecups.


Quadruple reversed angle nosepiecess

The reversed angle nosepiece is designed for 4 objectives. A rear-facing nosepiece creates more space on the stage and a perfect sight onto your specimen for much easier handling.


Double layer mechanical stage7

Big double layer specimen stage (143 x 133 mm) with right-handed mechanical stage. The big stage and the wide moving range 75 x 30 mm ensure a smooth and easy operation.

Ergonomic and secure

The coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus controls are located on the right and on the left side of the microscope base. With the standard autofocus stop unit collisions between the objective and the specimen are prevented which avoids possible damage of both. The built in tension adjustment controls the mobility of the coaxial coarse. Ergonomic arrangements of all the control elements ensure an effortless operation.

Safety ON/OFF device
The power switch is combined with the brightness adjustment for protecting the eyes. In order to turn the device off, the brightness adjustment has to be on the lowest position. With the safety rotary control device no harm can come to the eyes of too bright light at full power while turning on the microscope.

Anti-Fungus Treatment
Working in hot and humid climate is no problem. Thanks to a special Anti-fungus treatment which is provided for the optical system no damage will come to the optics and the picture stays bright and clear.

The space-saving construction makes it possible to work in tight spaces and as a solid lightweight it makes it easy to transport and store. As an option we offer an alu case for secure transportation

The space-saving construction makes it possible to work in tight spaces and as a solid lightweight it makes it easy to transport and store. As an option we offer an alu case for secure transportation.