HBsAg Test kit

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HBsAg Test kit

One Step HBsAg Test Kit

Product Features/Principle:

1. Accurate: the average accuracy is over than 98%.
2. Rapid: 15 minutes to get results of five indicators.
2. Convenient: only need to add specimens, without professional training, test could be performed at any time, any place.
4. label: advanced labeling technology provides more stable products.
5. Independent wells: ensure adequate specimens in each test and provide uniform results for each test.
Device zero loss: individually packaging ensures no waste.

HBsAg is a marker of hepatitis B infection in the blood. HBsAg can be detected 2 to 4 weeks before ALT elevations in the blood of patients with hepatitis B and 3 to 5 weeks before hepatitis symptoms show up. Wondfo HBsAg Rapid Test Kit is based on immunoassay for the detection of HBsAg, in serum and plasma specimens to assist the clinical diagnosis and the prognosis of the disease.




Test time

storage temperature

Shelf life

One step HBsAg Test Kit


Flu A&B : Whole/serum/plasma

15 min


24 months